Small Business Leader of the Year 2019 Nan Kreamer

Founder and President – Avenue CFO Services

Nan Kreamer

Nan Kreamer has been working with entrepreneurial companies as a full-time CFO, a part-time CFO or Interim CFO for over twenty years.

“I saw a need that many growing entrepreneurial companies would benefit from “big business” strategies but many are not in a position to pay “big business” salaries.

That was the impetus by which I founded Avenue CFO Services.”

Nan started her career with Price Waterhouse and moved into corporate America where she was instrumental in shaping global financial management organizations, assisting management teams in growing businesses, turnaround management, creating infrastructure and securing debt facilities.

Prior to founding Avenue CFO, Nan held positions as Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Controller for various companies ranging from $2 billion in sales to startups.Further, Nan has been involved in mergers and acquisitions, leading the due diligence teams for acquisitions and pitching buyers/investors for divestitures.


The Small Business Leader for 2019 has achieved or exceeded the following criteria!
  • Be a member of the JAX Chamber in good standing
  • Be an owner, partner or shareholder of at least 25 percent of the business
  • Be active in the day-to-day management of the company
  • Be established locally in the same business for at least three years
  • Demonstrate professional business acumen and leadership
  • Have gross revenues of less than 5 million dollars per year for the previous three years


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